6 Secrets You Didn’t Know About WordPress Not Uploading Images

6 Secrets to know about WordPress Not Uploading Images

WordPress Not Uploading Images?

Are you having trouble uploading images to your WordPress site? Image upload errors can be perplexing for most beginners because they can occur without you doing something different.

One of the most common image problems in WordPress is the failure to upload files. Fortunately, it’s a simple repair that you can do yourself.

We’ll show you how to easily address the image upload problem in WordPress in this post. We’ll also go into what’s causing the problem and how to avoid it in the future.

When You Are Unable to Upload a Specific Image

If you’re having this problem with one file but not the others, there are two simple fixes you can try.

Since the image dimension is too broad, a specific image file can not upload. Adjust the size of your picture to make it smaller to correct this. You can do this in any image editor or use the Picresize online tool to solve the issue.

If the image file’s name includes special characters ($, *, &, #…) or accent letters (, á, é…), rename it to delete these characters before uploading it to WordPress.

 WordPress Not Uploading Images
WordPress Images

Sometimes you face this issue while you want to upload an image on WordPress. In above image show that the suggested maximum size is 2500 pixels. But the reality is if your file size is less than the required image file size it will show the same message. Even if you reduce the same file size it will show this. So will solve this issue in this article.

Why this Issue Occur While WordPress is probably the biggest content management system platform?

with the majority of website owners using it to create and publish content for their visitors. WordPress users are increasing by 1.1 million every six months, according to research.WordPress accounts for about 26% of the entire website, according to analysts’ estimates. Its effectiveness and beauty are undeniable. Its features enable a user to quickly launch a simple website. In reality, the majority of website development companies prefer this platform for its simplicity and ease of website maintenance.

Despite the platform’s best functionality and convenience, users encountered several issues when trying to load a picture into the content in some cases. Various forms of errors appear from time to time, leaving users powerless. The WordPress Development Website often displays specific errors for which there are no specific solutions.

In the majority of cases, users have successfully uploaded files, but when they choose the ‘publish’ or ‘update’ option, WordPress fails to save the changes made. There may be a variety of underlying causes that must be tackled. Here are some expert opinions that will assist you in completing the task.

Images Upload Issue Solution

WordPress Images
WordPress Images

We will try two different methods in this article. 1st one is a very simple trick. This problem actually happens when you posting a blog and you want to add images that post. That time you will get the error message.

So a simple solution to that error is, go to your dashboard select media, and add media. Add the image you wanted to upload. Your image will be uploaded there. Then go to your post and try to upload it from the media library.

 WordPress Not Uploading Images
WordPress Contact Form

Hope your Image will be uploaded from there.

http error when uploading photos to wordpress

Sometimes we get a error message “http error wordpress image upload” The photos may be exceeding the WordPress memory quota. The crossing of the limit results in an HTTP mistake. In this scenario, you’ll need to access your website via FTP. Locate the folder containing all of the WordPress files. Locate the wp-config file and paste the code below into it.

if ( ‘WP MEMORY LIMIT’, ‘256M’ )

When you’re done, you’ll be able to raise the file size limit to 256 MB.

The second issue could emerge as a result of the process’s multithreading. Many hosts limit multithreading when processing an image in certain cases. Multithreading is possible in WordPress, on the other hand. By editing the configuration in the following way, the Custom WordPress Development Services often edit and restrict the image uploading process to a single thread.

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WordPress Not Uploading Images? Another solution

 WordPress Not Uploading Images
WordPress Images

Login to your cPanel, scroll down and find the software section and click on Select PHP Version. Then in options in the Current PHP version, there should be selected the latest version that is provided by your host.

how to fix image upload issue in WordPress
WordPress Contact Form

Scroll down and find out the memory limit. Select the maximum size like 512M.

wordpress uploaded images not showing in media library
WordPress Contact Form

and upload_max_filesize 512M and memory_limit 128M. That’s it. Now try to upload any image. It should be worked fine.

The first solution is not the permanent solution. It is just an alternative way to upload the image. The second solution is the problem-solving solution.

WordPress Not Uploading Images? Clearing cache

You’ll need to clear or delete the cache file if you’re using a caching plugin in particular. If you clear the dumped cache data, you should be able to fix the WordPress HTTP error uploading picture quickly. In some cases, disabling the plugins you are using can also resolve the image upload issues. Disable all the plugins you have incorporated. Allow each plugin to start its actions and try to find out the plugin that is causing the problem.

If it works for your just comment below and let me know and if it does not work then if you find any other solution to solve the issue please share whit me. As I am not a specialist in WordPress Just I faced the problem and this method worked for me. So I shared the method with you.

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What is the best image size for WordPress?

(1200 x 630 pixels) Blog post image size

What is the maximum upload size for WordPress?

The default maximum upload size ranges from 4 MB to 128 MB


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