How to Get Free WordPress Dashboard Google Analytics

How to Get Free WordPress Dashboard Google Analytics

About WordPress Dashboard Google Analytics

With the dashboard, We can contrast different reports, calculate averages and create metrics. How much time is spent on the blog, how many audiences are viewing it, where you got your stats, and so on? WordPress Dashboard Google Analytics how its work?

The dashboard has features you would expect like in Google Analytics, Dashboard API, and so on. Even though this dashboard is a simple beta, you will start seeing new features in the coming months.

My Over View About WordPress Dashboard Google Analytics

I’m using WordPress to manage a blog. The dashboard is working great for me. It has everything like analytics, pixels, clicking on links, saving items to categories.

I can see which pages are being tracked by Google Analytics. All these statistics are static information you can get by installing your website. It takes time and effort to compile the information so you can analyze it. That’s why some people prefer Google but don’t use Google statistics that come with the web app basic settings. 

You can set up custom fields, but that’s about it. I was a bit disappointed with the default reporting we have, it could be better.

Account Management WordPress Dashboard Google Analytics

Account Management

Instagram Analytics has an easy and very cool option for viewing all your Instagram data. This is an in comparison new feature and only available for logins that you’ve created on Instagram. You can see all the data about accounts, visitors, following, likes, comments, and more. I have to admit that I had no idea what my Instagram analytics looked like, until now.

There is also a setting that allows you to see your estimations on the dashboard. You can see how many users follow you on Instagram and how many followers you have. this is one of the best options we have for analyzing our Instagram accounts on the dashboard.

Google Analytics

Millions of large and small organizations use Google Analytics. to better understand and monitor consumer preferences and develop better experiences for them.

Google Analytics is the most used complimentary website traffic analysis tool. It offers a fair amount of information that businesses can use to know how well their website is functioning. You will find how well is your website performing.
To build an efficient digital marketing strategy and methods for the greatest results.

Discover all there is to know about the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

The dashboard is the first thing you’ll see when you access the WordPress backend, often known as “the admin panel.” This is where you’ll begin the majority of your chores. You’ll find an approach to how to use the dashboard as well as how to personalize it.

Accessing the Dashboard

To access the dashboard, just type your domain name then slash sign “dashboard”


WordPress Dashboard Google Analytics

You will see an interface like above. Fill up the user name and password to login into your dashboard area.

The WordPress Dashboard

The dashboard consists of many cards that provide you with information, statistics, and quick access to the most popular tasks, such as creating a blog post, adding a page, viewing the site, customizing the site, and so on.

You might configure the site here, change the theme, control widgets, modify menus, enable (or disable) comments, and so on.

WordPress Dashboard Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics from WordPress dashboard

WordPress Dashboard Google Analytics

Setup process

Open the WordPress Admin Panel.
Click Plugins on the left sidebar.
Click Add New button next to the Plugins heading.

Look for Google Site Kit in the plugin directory.

Click the “Install Now” after you’ve located it.

WordPress Dashboard Google Analytics

An Overview of Google Site Kit

Search Console: You can use Search Console to keep track of your site’s traffic, compliance, and indexing progress.
Analytical thinking: Google’s renowned web analytics gives you access to a wealth of information about your site’s users, which is useful for promoting and optimization.

AdSense: AdSense is one of the most common systems for inserting advertising on your website if you want to monetize it with adverts.

Page Speed Insights: This application allows you to evaluate the performance of your website. It provides you with an overall score as well as a variety of recommendations on how to enhance your desktop and mobile experiences.

Tag Manager: You might use this service to add tracking pixels and snippets to your website without having to change the code manually.

Optimize: You could use it to execute in-depth A/B testing on your website. It connects with Google Analytics to provide you with more information about your outcomes.

View your dashboard reports

Google Site Kit might present data in a variety of ways. The first step, go to Site Kit > Dashboard to get a quick overview of all your services.

Site Kit has to collect data for a period before it can provide you any stats for services like Search Console and Google Analytics. We also integrated Page Speed to show you how the results are displayed in the dashboard:

WordPress Dashboard Report

You now have the option of viewing separate performances for each of your services. Each will have its own tab in your WordPress sidebar under Site Kit. These summaries provide a little more information than the dashboard:

WordPress Analytics Reports

On the toolbar, you’ll also see a new Site Kit option. You can simply use this to examine Google Analytics data for the piece of content you’re now reading from the front end of your site:

MonsterInsights – Google Analytics

The finest Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is MonsterInsights. It’s also the most popular Google Analytics plugin, with over 3 million active installs.

Connecting it to your Google Analytics account is a breeze. It only takes a few minutes to set up automatically.

You can check all of your website’s major data directly in your WordPress dashboard with it.

Monsterinsights Reports


Is Google Analytics dashboard for WP free?

It’s complimentary to use. In your WordPress dashboard, you can track website traffic and obtain analytics information.

Is the Google Analytics dashboard plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights free?

Although it is a premium tool, you can use it without paying with some limitations.

What is the Best free-of-cost Google Analytics plugin for WordPress 2020?

GA Google Analytics


If you want to combine webmaster services with your WordPress site, Google Site Kit for WordPress makes it a lot easier. Using straightforward wizards, we could easily connect all of the resources we needed to improve in minutes throughout our review.

While you can see a few of your most essential Google Analytics indicators from your WordPress dashboard, you’ll need to go to the Google Analytics dashboard to see everything.

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