facebook ad account disabled

Facebook Ad Account Problem Solved.

Facebook Ad Account Disabled

When Facebook made a update in 2020. After that it is a common problem of disabled ad account and some people complaining that their account without any reason.

There may some silly issues as well like using profanity or bad grammar and punctuation but there are so many valid reason for disable your ad account.

After the update of Facebook in 2020 many accounts are disabled without any reason. First you need to consider that what mistake you made that’s why your account is disabled. One reason can be your due payment of your certain ad account.

If Facebook asked for the payment of certain ad account due and failed to go through it. Facebook may disable your account. You should Avoid adult content. Avoid using sensational language and do not disclose risk.

Your Facebook page should describe the product or service and its features, and set realistic expectations around its functionality.

You can check which service that you disabled for. You will get a list of services. So In that case you can always get your account back by request for a review.

If you think that your ad account was disabled by mistake?

So If you think your account disabled by mistake or any silly reason so you can request a review by click on Account Quality.

After clicking on Account Quality you will find two options Under ‘What you can do’, select Request review.

Follow the steps to submit a review.

Click on Submit a review and upload your Identity card like national Identity Passport or driving license . If you are not eligible for national identity or you are under age like not 18 years you can upload your school or collage identity card.

After Facebook disabled your account you will get 30 days to complete your review so if you failed to confirm your identity then Facebook will permanently disabled your ad account.

If Facebook get confirmation about your identity then after a few days your ad account will be back.

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