a gift to remember

a gift to remember

In 2018 we build Urban Touch BD (A Gift to remember) and create an impact on the local market as a crafter and keeping the fame nowadays. A gift is always special but a personalized gift is even more special.

Main object is to create an identity and creating peoples story to remember for the rest of their life.

Our business area is Katabon University Market near new Market Dhaka, We Provide Cash on Delivery in Dhaka Metropolitan area only, If you want from outside Dhaka Metropolitan then you have to confirm  your order by full Advance payment with delivery charge. We take 6-7 days to deliver the product Inside Dhaka Metropolitan and 8- 10 days out side Dhaka Metropolitan. It is very difficult to maintain the customer satisfaction in this field because of the personalization.

 The demand of personalized gifts are increasing day by day So we need to be ready for every challenge.  Some creating people are working hard to make sure the quality of our every product.

Some creative people work here to ensure the quality of every single product and they are very promising to their work.

We are here to create stories and watching how people enjoy their memory with our stories because we are happy to share.

Keep in mind that enduring connections are not moment but they are based upon, sustained, refined and reminded. 

We produce many kinds of products like Wall-clock, Table Clock, Table lamp, Wooden box, Notebook, Pen, Photo Frame etc.

We are Urban Touch BD to see creating stories of Millions of People. Keep us on your prayer. Keep supporting us.

A Gift to remember


We will Create an trusted Business Brand at wooden craft all over Bangladesh. We will Create an International identity in Near Future .